90 Days to a Leaner & Lighter You

Do you feel like you eat healthy and have tried lots of diets out there but still struggle to lose weight & actually keep it off?


Or do you feel like you’re having trouble getting the weight loss started?


And maybe you feel like the only way to lose weight is to follow a restrictive diet that leaves you feeling deprived?  

Which leaves you believing that you either have to live with the extra weight or you have to feel deprived all the time...

I want you to know there’s an easier way...

An intimate 12-week coaching experience for health-conscious women who are DONE with being deprived and ready to start living

their best lives ever

Hey Babe!

I see You…

I see you dreaming of becoming the happy, peaceful, strong, healthy woman and the total babe

you know you are meant to be...

  •  Releasing excess weight without having to try very hard
  •  Feeling freedom with food as you finally eat in a way that nourishes you… rather than feeling deprived and hungry
  •  Falling in love with the way your body looks and feels
  • ​ And getting off the diet roller coaster
That would mean you’d…
  •  Spend more time enjoying your life and less time stressing about food and your body
  •  Be able to wear clothes you love that you feel great in
  •  Feel more confident at work, home, and socially
  • ​ Move with ease and enjoy more physical activity
  • Feel more alive, energetic, and productive

Carmina Mevs

Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner ™

I see you because I know you …

And I know you because I WAS you.

Hi! I’m Carmina

And for years I’ve chased a magic number on the scale

Each time I started a new diet, I felt excited and optimistic, thinking “this is going to be the ONE.”

Some of the diets actually worked quite well…at least for a while.

While I was losing weight, I was on a high. You know the feeling… your clothes are looser, you feel sexier and more confident – even in a bathing suit.

And then something changed.

Despite my best intentions to eat healthy, my hunger and cravings got the better of me, and I could no longer adhere to the strict guidelines of whatever diet I was trying.

My cravings became stronger than my desire to lose weight.

But that’s not the worst part.

The weight came back on and I was left feeling like failure, yet again.

Can you relate?

If so, then you probably also know what it feels like to…

✔️ gravitate towards sweet foods & carbs…whether it’s sugar in your morning coffee, a granola bar after a workout, chips & crackers in the afternoon, or cookies as a late night snack

✔️ You experience emotional as well as physical crashes in the morning, evening or at night

✔️Be desperate, and I mean desperate , for change

What I didn’t realize at the time is that my cravings weren’t my fault.

When you eat in a way that deprives your body - your body (and mind) will cry out for help.

Often, that cry for help comes in the form of cravings. (It can also show up as fatigue, apathy, or feeling on edge and stressed out.)

If you’ve experienced any of these cries for help, it’s your body’s way of saying “this isn’t working for me!”

Your body is DONE with being deprived (and I know you are too)!

That’s why I am so passionate about sharing a much better way to lose weight …. a way that’s healthy and sustainable.

Over time I have discovered that there are 3 critical steps to losing weight - and keeping it off.

Step 1: Understanding how and why specific foods were wreaking havoc on my hormones and slowing my metabolism. (What a relief this was for me!)

Step 2: Zeroing in on which foods can fire up my metabolism.

Step 3: Tweaking my diet and making easy substitutions for the problematic foods and creating amazingly delicious food combinations.

Teresa never thought she'd see "that" number on the scale ever again

click play that start the video

*The Slim Down Success System was formely known as the 90-Day Total Body Transformation


I know you’re also:

  • Skeptical of yet another weight loss program

  • Unsure if you are even capable of releasing the weight, maybe you think you have health conditions that stop you from being able to lose the weight

  • Nervous because you love food too much and are worried about giving it up

That’s why I’m here to help

I’m going to help you figure out exactly what’s causing the

weight loss resistance in your body.

There’s no need to suffer or feel frustrated any longer.

I’m here to help and to show you what to do.

I can’t wait to help you finally feel freedom with food and your body.

Introducing the H.I.M. Framework

Keep the 3 Amigos of Weight Gain in check:

Hormones, Inflammation & Metabolism.

Using The Slim Down Success System, you will

✅ quickly Reignite your Metabolism and kick start the weight loss while enjoying foods you like because no foods are off limits in this program- we just help you change how much, how often and why you eat them!

✅ gradually Restore Hormonal Balance so that you can manage your hunger and stress levels effortless

✅ and Revitalize your Overall Wellness so that you can enjoy a sense of well-being instead of deprivation and create a maintenance lifestyle so good you have no desire to live or eat any other way.

Meet Karla...

Before we started working together

After she went through the program

Her message to YOU

Book a Free "Get Your Sexy Back" Session to see IF the Slim Down Success program is a good fit for you

During the call, I'll share:

🎁 The process of healing your relationship with food

🎁 What’s stopping you from staying motivated and actually staying on plan.

🎁 A “no more yo-yoing” plan to eat the right foods that will give you energy, help you feel full longer so you can lose the weight and keep it off for good

This call IS for

  • People who are able to put themselves first for a while and not let their partner, kids or anybody else dictate what they do for themselves and their health

  • Those who are willing to dig a little through a step by step process to identify and address the underlying causes to their weight issues

  • For whom their health is important enough for them that they’re willing to invest in it in terms of time, effort, resources, and money.

This Call is NOT for

  • People who are looking for magic pills and potions

  • People are uncoachable and unwilling to try a different approach

  • People are not actively looking for support and just to vent but have no interest in actually doing the work

If this sounds like you and you are READY to take action, then buckle up! Because when you invest in yourself, You get everything you need to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle inside and beyond this program.

The Slim Down Success System


  • 1:1 onboarding call with Carmina to lay out your game plan for the next 90 days so you can hit the ground running.
  • An online portal which includes all the step-by-step training videos and handuots to help you successfully create and implement your Perfect Eating Plan (PEP) and healthy lifestyle.
  • 8 life-changing coaching sessions including: Personal Weight Loss Strategy, Diet Analysis, Body Composition Analysis, Weight Control Planning, Physical Activity Planning, Food Intolerance, Food Addiction Assessment and Low GI Eating Planning.
  • Science-based assessments to pinpoint your unique needs like a Metabolic Assessment, Weight Loss Personality, Fitness Assessment, Perceived Stress Scale and so much more...
  • The gradual creation, implementation and fine-tuning of your personalized nutritional plan.
  • A free smartphone app for daily support, accountability and to help track your progress
  • Text support, weekly touch points to keep you motivated and engaged between sessions
  • Plus Everything you need to put it all in practice: worksheets, handouts and recipe books, etc.

There's more! You also get....

 BONUS #1 : Weight Loss in a Box Kit

Your kit comes with handy tools to 10X your results and a powerful body composition scale that automatically syncs with your program app and tracks the key metrics of your success.

(While supplies last)

 BONUS #2 : Lifetime access*

You get lifetime access to the online portal so you can revisit the lessons anytime.

Total Value $5293

(Don't worry! The actual investment is nowhere near that)

Stop for a moment and visualize where you could be this time next year if you finally put skin in the game and took massive action

I have a limited time opportunity for fast action takers

Click the "Book a Call" button below to secure a spot in my calendar

If you are a good fit for the program you will be

Full Invited but not Obligated to join the program.

It's a no-cost, no obligation call.

If nothing else you will leave with a solid 3-point plan to kick start your weight loss journey

Frequently Asked Questions

1️⃣ Is this only for women?

No. The success strategies work just as well for men.

2️⃣ Do you offer payment options?

Yes. I offer an 4-payment plan option or you can pay in full for even more savings and use Paypal Credit for a 6-month interest free payment plan ( subject to credit approval).

3️⃣Do you guarantee results?

It’s impossible (and irresponsible) to guarantee any specific result but this coaching program is designed to help you lose up to 2 lbs a week . Obviously, your results are your responsibility and may be different than other clients’ results.

If you are committed to doing the work, course correcting where necessary, and sticking to the process, you will be able to create the healthy lifestyle you want faster than anything else you’ve ever tried or considered trying.

And YES! I do offer not one but TWO guarantees

🥇7-Day 100% Money Back

I want to eliminate your risk entirely if we both determine the program is a good fit. This way, you can get into the program, see the quality of the materials and understand that it can actually help you. If by the 7th day you realize it's not the right

fit for you, this is an unlikely scenario and I'll fall off my chair if this happens but nonetheless if it does I'll refund your money in full, no questions asked.

🥈The Clinically Significant Weight Loss Guarantee

If by the end of the program you haven't lost at least 5% of your starting weight, I'll work with you until you do. That's my personal guarantee.

4️⃣I can’t find a spot on your calendar , can I still book a call?

It depends. If the timer hasn't expired on this page and you can’t find a spot send me a private message on Facebook and I'll try my best to accommodate

5️⃣Is the free call going to help me lose weight?

Yes and no. We will go through your personal history so I can learn more about you. Then I’ll walk you through the plan that has changed the lives of health-conscious women like you.

Having a plan is the ultimate way to start getting rid of those unwanted lbs so that you can be healthier and feel confident in your body!

Then we’ll talk about what isn’t working. That’s almost as important as what does work.

You’ll want to bring a piece of paper and a pen to take notes and if at the end of the call you’d like more information on how I can best support you we can discuss it.

But just one call is not going to produce life-changing results.

6️⃣How much time will the call take?

About 45 minutes. I have a strict outline I go through so that I can provide you with the support and guidance you want and need as efficiently as possible

There's no no catch and no pressure. I have strict criteria for who I work with in the Slim Down Success System. Either way, you’ll leave the call with a 3-point game plan and with my 5-step Sugar Detox guide.

So what have you got to lose? well... actually you DO have something to lose... WEIGHT!😉

7️⃣ *How Long Will I Have Access to the Program?

The Slim Down Success System is a 3-month program. The coaching calls with me, the text and in-app support end after your 3rd month. But hey! You get lifetime access to the online portal . You can revisit the whole system : the videos, handouts, worksheets, recipe books, meal planner, etc anytime you want, for as long as you want. But who knows where either of us will be tomorrow, let alone in a lifetime? What if I stop coaching in 2-3 years, what happens to that lifetime access? That's a fair question...

Lifetime access means, if I ever had to close down shop or the membership platform I'm currently hosting the content on goes belly up and as long as I'm not incapacited, I'll put all the files into a downloadable folder for you and I'll send you an email with a link.

Bottom line: what you pay for today, you’ll retain access to. Fair enough?

Maggy lost 8 lbs in 21 days!

Schedule Your Get Your Sexy Back Session TODAY

and Start Creating a Body You Love Living In

So That You Can

Live a Life You Truly Love

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